Another Visit From The Jinx

S and I made a trip to the post office today to mail a package. I love the Haslett post office. The people there offered to babysit. I don’t think I’ll be dropping a baby off to be cared for by the USPS while I run my errands, but I do appreciate the sentiment.

Anyway, I carried S inside in her car seat so that I would have my hands free to do stuff. The whole time we were in the post office, she was baby belly laughing every time I looked at her.┬áIt was the most lovely sound I’d heard all day (okay, maybe all my life). Marion, the woman behind the counter, said they should record that sound so people could listen to it whenever they need a pick-me-up (I think she might be pleasantly surprised to discover YouTube). She also doesn’t know about the The Jinx. Everyone went about their business in ignorant bliss as the baby made beautiful noises.

Except me. What I knew, that no one else in the post office knew, was that she was all smiles and giggles because she gets downright giddy after the car stops and her mom appears at the back door to take her OUT of the car seat. I had not yet taken her OUT of the car seat. Every time I looked at her and smiled, she thought she was getting OUT of the car seat. I also know that The Jinx hears every and all sighs of relief and happy declarations made by people about babies.

Two minutes later we were on the road back home:


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