Battle of the Dark and Light: Of Course There’s a Starbucks on The Death Star.

I have to make a lot of decisions during the day. I’m a new momma-jedi. Mostly, I’m concerned about keeping myself and the baby fed, clothed, relatively clean, and happy. One of the many choices is the one to decide whether or not to keep… bouncing… on… the… excercise… ball… until… the kid… takes… a nap!  Or, just pop her in the car seat at that magic moment of fatigue when she will pass out after 30 seconds of car magic and I can rest. This means driving my gas-guzzler twenty minutes one way with the air conditioner on and windows open to buy another (sippycupofheavenlymilkydecafgoodness) white paper cup to add to the pile in the back seat. Still, my priorities get into a light-saber fight now and then. Here’s the advice I got from a couple of “experts.”

Darth: Go. to Starbucks, Molly. You deserve it. The planet. doesn’t matter. Look. Everyone knows. we can live. on the Death Star. when the Earth’s life-support systems. collapse.

(Those periods? He’s breathing.)

Yoda: You know not, jedi knight, the power, have you. Paper cups to make, kill trees, we do.

(Those commas? He’s yoda-ing.)

Darth: You use. cloth diapers. You buy. second-hand clothes. Are you trying. to be a saint? You are a new mother. and you must. be rewarded. for your feats of endurance. and patience.

Yoda: In heart of battle, abandon principles, you must not.

Me: Yodles, man. I haven’t totally abandoned my principles. I feel guilty for filling up the landfill with little white cups. But Starbucks has a *drive-thru*.

And that pretty much kills it for me. The drive-thru. I drive around wondering why every place doesn’t have a drive-thru for those of us running these nurseries-on-wheels.

Yes, I try to be careful with my choices when it comes to my ecological footprint. And I don’t think I suddenly have a zillion excuses to be an Earth-hater. I must admit that I feel better driving a big fat SUV with a baby in the back because every other jack driver in this place has one, and so I’m just perpetuating the problem. I feel better getting 5 loads of laundry done in one day by chucking everything into the dryer rather than getting one load done and hanging it up to dry outside **if the baby takes a nap**. I feel better sipping a warm beverage that someone handed to me through the window while I rest my aching back and a peaceful baby sleeps in the back seat for 40 minutes out of the day (whew).  So many little things that I used to do so easily (like hang up the laundry, run multiple errands in one trip) now make my life so much more difficult. On some days. I fully intend to be better in the future. Like when S takes a nap on a schedule, plays by herself for 3+ minutes, does her own laundry, drives her own SUV, etc. (Okay, maybe before that!) It’s a fact that I’m wasting gas, but I’m doing it to keep my sanity. Who knew that one of the biggest impacts on the environment could come from a baby footprint?


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Dark and Light: Of Course There’s a Starbucks on The Death Star.

  1. Wonderful mother, you are. Lover of the earth, you are. Deserving of a break, you are.

    Don’t you dare feel guilty for a cup of coffee! You are still an earth-loving, crunchy granola Mama!

    • Thanks, Queen 😉
      I definitely waste a whole lot more money and resources with a baby around (the fan that runs constantly on high for white noise, for instance). It’s just the way it is. You just do *anything* that works and makes your life easier, no matter the costs!

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