Creativity then Crash

Yesterday morning I decided that S needs a hat. Right now. I hate buying hats because they are something I can make. So, I started knitting after a quick search for ideas and a pattern. I never end up following a pattern. It seems like I always know what I want to make, but I can’t find an actual pattern anywhere that includes everything I want. I found a pattern for a hat with earflaps and read it to see the general way the author tackled the earflap part. Then I just went from there. And it worked! I think it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I finished it this morning. (S has been sleeping until 9:30 the past two days. Whaa?) (She won’t do it anymore, of course, because I thought that out loud.) I woke up at 5:30 jazzed and focused on getting the hat done. I had some wicked adrenaline. For my knitting project! That’s what babies sleeping will do to you: turn you into a Tasmanian devil. So, I finished it just as S woke up. I put it on her and snapped a picture. A little bit later I got a migraine from all the excitement of finishing a project.




2 thoughts on “Creativity then Crash

  1. that is amazing!! I want one! 🙂 Can you show me how to do it sometime? I haven’t knitted in awhile though so maybe it would be beyond my ability. So sad about the migraine though 😦

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