B in South Dakota: Day One

B had to go to work in South Dakota for ten days and leave us all alone to fend for ourselves. Eating and showering are my new best scenarios. (B is my spouse. Like mouse but with a sp. His real name does not begin with a B, but everyone in this family has a nickname that begins with a B, and I’ll leave it at that.)

I have been busy advertising my abandonment to compassionate people within earshot and scouring the free newspapers for things to do. S and I have lined up some events to keep us busy, and some kind friends have offered to keep us company.

We got through the first day. It started out awesome. I woke up in the middle of the night with sparkly migraine vision. Twice. That means I got a migraine sandwich, so it was twice as big as a normal migraine treat. S slept in until 8 AM. She had had enough of my moaning and hoodie sweatshirt in her face at 8:09, so she started doing the baby backstroke on the bed while squealing. It was adorable. We got up and stumbled around for warm clothes. Apparently winter arrived in Michigan on September 15th and it was 58 degrees in the house. I put on my sunglasses and put S down for the 3.5 minute daily allotment that she will tolerate being left alone right now. I eventually got some oatmeal and tea in my mouth. For most of the day I was too nauseated to talk, so I sat and hummed and rocked back and forth. S drooled. I drooled back. When she slept, I slept. By evening I was feeling better, and we went to bed.

Here are the warm clothes that I could find for S:

We went out and watched peacocks, and S got so cute that it almost made my headache go away:


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