Boo-boo’s Favorite Song

Last night we were driving home at 7:30 and S was tired and hungry and ready for her bed, but I had stuck her in the car seat instead and she wasn’t happy.

She began screaming almost immediately and I was sure that the ride home was going to be a disaster. I started planning places to stop and stick my boob in her face. Then it finally occurred to me to turn on the magic. I started playing this song and not only did she stop crying, she was asleep after three minutes. I don’t understand it, but it works. Just last week it had worked instantaneously in a similar situation. It is nothing short of baby hypnotism. Her favorite song has been “Foux Du Fafa” by Flight of the Conchords for about as long as she’s had ears, but lately I’ve been noticing that there seems to be more to it. Like maybe there is something fishy about this song, as in if you play it backwards it becomes Death Metal and initiates the Apocalypse. I’ll let you decide:

I don’t know, it could be her French heritage.


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