B in South Dakota: Days Two and Three

We are surviving here. Unfortunately (?) I ate chocolate chips for lunch yesterday. But no one forced them into my face. I chose the chips. So, I can’t complain.

However, the Boo and I have had really good things to eat for dinner the last two nights. Friends (with children!) invited us over or “out” for dinner where veggies and protein were abundant. It was mostly fantastic not to be alone during that scary hour of the day when the sun light turns from happy-sunny-this day-doesn’t-have-to-end slant to spooky-cue-the-werewolves-and-vampires slant. Evenings are the hardest time of day when you’re alone with a baby. So, I was just giddy that people were willing to love us during this time.

But dinner with friends is a little bit of a disappointment when you don’t have the second string to come into the game so that you can eat food and savor a couple crumbs of conversation. When S was just a kid, she used to just scream from 4:30 until 9:00 in the evening. Now at night she gets really hyper, with fussiness on top (if you’re lucky). This is when she gets her spaz on. It’s entertaining to watch her give herself raspberries on the back of her hand and hum while flipping her lips with her fist to make silly noises or scream-grunt while smiling at you. But not when there are glistening grilled red peppers and portabella mushrooms winking at you from the table. This whole enterprise of eating with a spaz baby in your arms is reminiscent of the game Hungry Hungry Hippo, but instead of reaching out to grab as many marbles as you can, it’s the food bits you’re hoping to score. Why not put her down, you ask? Hmmm… why didn’t I think of that? HAHAHA! No. She tends to flail-arch and scream. You might be able to distract her with a weird, semi-dangerous game, like waving a plastic bag at the dog, or flipping the Bumbo seat onto her head, and thus, get some calories in.

One of the nights were were outside where there were mosquitoes and dogs in addition to a hyper baby. Think of it as a video game. The object was to eat enough good food to make it to the next level (Peaceful nighttime sleep on a full stomach). One of the maneuvers is swatting mosquitoes and putting the bowl of food down in a place that a baby and a dog cannot get to, but you can. Like under a very large red mushroom or behind the trap door. Anyway. Everything I ate was a shade of orange. Pumpkin pie, winter squash, vegan no-bake cookies, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese. I was able to reach the next level of the video game, but I think it took a little longer because of all of the sugar in my bloodstream. (Again, really, I had a choice. I didn’t need to make 50% of my dinner out of cookies and pie. The tabouleh is just harder to eat with fingers. But I digress.)

So, while we were nourished by food (that really didn’t need to be chewed anyway, right?) and in the company of good people, I realized that I need B here to enjoy situations like this. You have to be able to hand off the babe when she’s a spaz like this so that you can eat dinner, but also so that you can take a breath and enjoy the company.

Here is cutie pants Boo boo just before we went to dinner at a farm:


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