S Spends a Sunday Afternoon With Her Buds

S had a couple friends over to play. The mommas wanted to take some pictures to photo-document the cuteness storm that forms when you fill a couch with babies.

G: Yes, I’ll smile and be super cute. Anything for you, Mom!

O: It’s never too early to start building your rep. I do the cool look for these photo shoots.

S: How long’s this going to take? I’d really like to put this foot in my mouth.

G: These ladies love me. I got this cute thing down!

O: Cool. You see my cool pose?

S: Alright, I’ll smile, but I’m keeping my hands on this foot.

O: Pssst! S. There’s another way to play these photo shoots. I can get a big giggle. There’s this cannibal bit I do.

S: Yeah, you know, O, I get weary of these smile fests. Do these moms think we want to sit here and smile RIGHT NOW? I’ve got better things to do, like chew on my foot.

G: Did somebody say ‘cannibal’?

S: You’ve got some kind if cannibal bit? That’s crazy.

O: What? You don’t think I’d do it?

S: Probably not.

G: Moms, you keepin’ an eye on these kids over here?

O: Raaaawr! I eat your shoulder! Nom, nom, nom!

S: Whoa, dude!

G: Okay, that’s my arm. Staying cute…but that’s my arm there, please, my arm…

O: See? I was just faking it, but I got ’em. See that laugh I got?

S: Yeah, I’ll admit that was good. Still just need to chew on my foot.

G: Haha! Good one! You had me there for a minute!


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