Tongue Twisters

Yesterday I said, “breeze eathier” and didn’t notice. I didn’t notice until B broke my tense moment with a smile and repeated what I had just said.

B and I were having another intense conversation about Thanksgiving Day travel plans and I was confirming that we would be visiting my family…but I must have said (I don’t remember) “Christmas” instead of “Thanksgiving” and B replied in frustration, “What does Christmas have to do with this!?”

Either my husband is playing cruel tricks on me or I have some serious potholes on the highway from my brain to my mouth. And both are likely.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to put my thoughts into words merely for the rehabilitative effect that it might have on my faltering mind. I think it was starting to work.

I haven’t written anything (anywhere) in a while and I’ve noticed my articulatory skills waning in effectiveness. Plus, I can’t talk.

In the meantime, little S-chop has started some creative babbling. I talk back to her in babble. Maybe that’s not helping.

So, back to the keymoards for be. I’m going to give it my shest bot. And until it gets better I’m going to blame it on baby growth spurts and teething, which are to blame for everything.